Terry Golden Shares a Behind-The-Scenes Look Into The Production of ‘Another Day’

Terry Golden’s reputation within the world of Electronic Music is one that continues to grow; serving as an impressive

Terry Golden Shares a Behind-The-Scenes Look Into The Production of ‘Another Day’

Terry Golden’s reputation within the world of Electronic Music is one that continues to grow; serving as an impressive credit to his unique talents, wide-ranging skillset, and magnetic persona, his ever-expanding collection of followers and list of milestone successes keep placing him high on the list of Producers and DJs creating within the genre today. With a sound that blends Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Trance, Terry Golden’s music continues to find support from top VIPs, including David Guetta, Don Diablo, and Ferry Corsten; so, no doubt fast becoming a household name within Electronic Music, Terry Golden is surely one to keep on your radar.  

Today, Terry is joining us to share a behind-the-scenes look into his track ‘Another Day’; as he delves into the production process, giving us a glimpse into his techniques, we uncover more about Terry Golden’s ever-developing creativity and passion for his craft. 

Hello Terry Golden, how are you? Congrats on the release of ‘Another Day’! 

Hey guys, thanks a lot and I feel totally energized! 

To start, can you tell us about the production of this new track? What was the process like, how did you begin? 

‘Another Day’ was a project where you hear the more Progressive side of Terry Golden. It was also the idea to create a track that could both do well on the radio and at the same time get the club going. For me, ideas bubble up in my head all the time, and when something sticks, it’s time to go to the studio. 

Did you have any goals or specific inspirations when you set out to produce this track?’ 

The inspiration comes from several sides, but the goal is always clear. When I do these more radio-friendly Progressive House tracks, the vocals are the driving force but there must still be a drive and a good drop so that it also works well at a club. 

What is your process for layering synths? Do you have a specific technique you use each time to create the mighty sound of your productions? 

For the most part, my lead sound consists of 3-5 layers. The main sound, that is in the middle and at the top of the sound image – sometimes, one makes it into 2 tracks, where they are panned a little to each side, in order to have a deeper version and a louder sound in the middle. This means that you end up with a super full and crisp sound, which is relatively easy to fit into a mix since you are working with several tracks. 

Your style blends elements from the Progressive House, Melodic Techno and Trance genres. How do you think the track best showcases your signature sound? Are there any particular elements that you think are characteristic of your sound?  

Kick and bass are definitely a recurring part of many of my tracks, as well as the breakdown having almost only the vocals, right after the first drop. Also, finally, almost a must, that drop number two must be different in structure from drop number one. 

What was your favourite part about working on this track? 

I love working with vocals as they just give an element that almost no other sound can give to a track, also I always work to make my lead sounds unique and special. 

How would you describe the track to someone who hasn’t heard it yet? 

I would say that it is a feel-good groove, with a vocal that seems familiar. So, music you can listen to, dance to, and jump to – the track gives you good energy. 

‘Another Day’ features an emotive vocal sample, can you tell us about the process of finding the vocal and integrating it into the track? 

As mentioned, I love working with vocals. Mostly, I already have a vocal and I build the track around it, or at least a very good idea that I can pass on to the vocalist – but sometimes I also use samples from vocal packages, which I then chop up and make for my own unique version. When a vocal is integrated into a track, it is super important that there is space in both the production and the whole sound picture. 

What would you say is the most important part of this song that gives it its energetic character and what do you hope listeners take away from it? 

I hope they follow how I caught the delicious vocal and also feel the energy in the drop. The goal is for it to be a number that can be enjoyed in the car, for training and at the party. 

How do you hope to evolve your sound next? Are there any styles, genres, or techniques you want to experiment with? 

I hope to stick to and develop my own sound within the Melodic Techno and the more underground Progressive House genre – this is where Terry Golden belongs. 

Now that ‘Another Day’ is out, what can fans expect from you next? 

The next few single releases will be geared towards an upcoming 5 track EP signed to Ensis Records – super excited about both the singles and the EP. 

Having already carved out an exciting musical way within Electronic Music, Terry Golden promises to keep innovating and bringing even more captivating music for his followers to enjoy. So, a talent not to be missed, make sure to follow Terry Golden across social media to remain up-to-date on his next releases and upcoming live shows. 

Listen to ‘Another Day’ Now: 

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