Hotboxx Discusses The Behind-The-Scenes Process of ‘That’s Right’

Miami-based DJ and music producer Hotboxx is back with another captivating release that is bound to make waves in

Hotboxx Discusses The Behind-The-Scenes Process of ‘That’s Right’

Miami-based DJ and music producer Hotboxx is back with another captivating release that is bound to make waves in the Electronic music scene. His latest track, “That’s Right,” showcases his unique fusion of genres and his ability to create powerful and groovy compositions. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the creative process behind “That’s Right” and gain insights into the inspirations, challenges, and collaborations that shaped this powerful production. Join us as we talk about the production process with Hotboxx and discover the story behind his infectious new release. 

Hey Hotboxx! How are you? 

Doing well! thanks for asking. 

Can you walk us through your creative process when producing the track ‘That’s Right’? How did you approach building the different elements together? 

This track came together relatively quickly really, after I found the vocal and played out the main build up melody, the other elements fell into place quickly. And thankfully, I had some friends with me in the studio that day, giving me confidence that the track was coming out good. 

What inspired the sound and style of ‘That’s Right’? Were there any specific musical influences or references that played a role in its production? 

There wasn’t too much thought, sometimes I go into the studio and have an idea of what I want to make, but that day I just really wanted to produce, didn’t have any particular style in mind which is why this track is kind of a fusion of genres. 

How did the collaboration with AbueKev and Flynn Nolan come about for the remixes of ‘That’s Right’? What did each artist bring to the table in terms of their unique twists on the track? 

So Abuekev is a good friend, we’ve been spinning since college days and he is now the label head along with Ben Finx at Original Label. I sent him the track and he really liked the vibe and asked me if I wanted to sign it with their label, and then offered to make a remix so we could collab on the project and release it as an EP.  Flynn Nolan & I work a ton together, that’s the homie, so that was just an obvious situation, to collab, and he really liked the track as well. 

Were there any challenges or obstacles you encountered during the production of ‘That’s Right’? How did you overcome them? 

Not really, as I mentioned above the track really came together quickly, and I had friends in the studio reassuring me that it sounded good, so didn’t get in my own way, which I sometimes do overthinking a track, so overall very smooth process with this track. 

Can you talk about the role of the bassline in driving the track and creating its groovy atmosphere? How did you approach designing and refining that element? 

Honestly, the build-up melody with the House organ really drove the creative process for me, I wanted to make something with feeling and emotion at the build-ups, so once I did that, the bassline felt like it needed to be groovy and driving and really pump, so that it can turn into a proper Dance track. 

What techniques or production tools did you use to achieve the pumping and energetic feel of the beat in ‘That’s Right’? Any specific drum samples or processing tricks you can share? 

Not really anything that I don’t usually do. One thing I do now, that has made mixing & mastering easier, is just always using the same kick, every track I start the exact same way, with the same kick. 

How did you approach the arrangement and structure of ‘That’s Right’? Did you experiment with different variations or did the track come together naturally? 

Most of the main arrangement I came up with quickly, just really more than anything, I went back and forth on the main drop, figuring out how to match the energy of the build-up with a matching drop.  I tried to accomplish that, hope everybody liked it. 

The vocal chops in the track add a rhythmic element. Can you discuss how you incorporated and manipulated those vocals to enhance the overall vibe of the song? 

I always try to chop and mess around with any vocal sample I’m using, to create a percussive element that introduces the vocal and keeps it pertinent throughout.  So tried to accomplish that with this track as well. 

The synth progression in ‘That’s Right’ guides the listener on a captivating journey. Can you share any insights into your process for creating and shaping that progression to evoke a dreamy and hypnotic atmosphere? 

This was really the goal, as I mentioned earlier.  I wanted to bring emotion and melody to the build-up.  I love using that House organ, so that automatically made me push towards a dreamy type melody and then the harp just fits right in, to make a somewhat Trancey type of build-up with a Techy drop. 

What do you hope listeners will take away from ‘That’s Right’? Is there a particular emotion or experience you aimed to convey through the track? 

I want people to really get swept in by the dreamy build up and then get caught off guard by the driving bass that gets people dancing and grooving at the club. 

As we wrap up our conversation with Hotboxx, it’s clear that his passion for music and his dedication to his craft shine through in every aspect of his work. From the swift and intuitive creative process behind “That’s Right” to his collaborative efforts with talented artists AbueKev and Flynn Nolan, Hotboxx continues to push boundaries while delivering exceptional music; and as we eagerly await his future releases and witness his musical journey unfold, one thing is certain: Hotboxx’s talent and unwavering commitment to his artistry will continue to propel him to new heights. 

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