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Clan Brude Takes Us Inside the Production Journey of ‘No Time To Forget’

Welcome to an insightful and exclusive intervew with Clan Brude, the talented music producer based in Shanghai. With his

Clan Brude Takes Us Inside the Production Journey of ‘No Time To Forget’

Welcome to an insightful and exclusive intervew with Clan Brude, the talented music producer based in Shanghai. With his latest release, ‘No Time To Forget’, adding another vibrant note to his discography, we sat down with the Producer to discuss the behind-the-scenes process of crafting this electrifying track. In this interview, Clan Brude opens up about the inspiration that sparked ‘No Time To Forget’, his approach to blending diverse musical genres, and the detailed steps that shaped its distinctive sound. Join us as we uncover the creative journey that led to the production of this powerful release. 

Hi Clan Brude! Congrats on the release of ‘No Time To Forget’ 

Thank you so much! This one is a little different and a bit more experimental! 

What was the initial inspiration behind this track? Can you share the creative spark that led to its creation? 

I was originally playing around with a major to minor key shift that would become the track opening. Actually, I’ve been listening to a bit more ethereal House music recently, the ‘All Day I Dream’ kind of stuff, which inspired my dreamy vocals. This was where the track was going until I put a heavy closed hi-hat sample on it and came out bigger! 

‘No Time To Forget’ showcases a blend of House and Progressive House elements. How did you approach merging these genres to create a cohesive and energetic track? 

There’s also a bit of Electro feel, with the synth riff elevated by the Progressive chord pattern. I think the energy comes from the classic House drum programming, but which is offset by the juxtaposition of the vocal hook, which is set back somewhat in the mix, deliberately, to give that dreamy feel. 

Could you walk us through the production process of this song? How did you develop the track from its early stages to the final version we hear today? 

It started with that opening major key progression and layering a couple of synths down, but I wanted that shift into the relative minor progression so, having a break with bassy synth made sense (with a lot of saturation). I started out with a very mellow percussion vibe as I saw the track heading that way, until I added that closed hat which lifted the whole thing in terms of the energetic, bouncy direction you hear in the final master. The vocals took a while to work out, not lyrically exactly, but I did want to achieve that contrast between energy and mellow which led to the elongation in the topline vocal. Really happy with that. 

Were there any specific challenges you faced while producing ‘No Time To Forget’? How did you overcome them? 

This is an insightful question because while instrument arrangement and initial selection was fairly straight forward after experimentation, the vocal proved a lot tricker to produce. I used my usual condenser mic into my DAW which was fine, but I had to use a lot of production to get the vocal to sound dreamy. It’s quite a simple hook (and I’m not the best vocalist either!) but effective in taking the listener on a journey. 

Can you discuss the role of VST instruments and sampling in the track? How did you incorporate these elements to enhance the overall sound? 

In this track, I’ve used a wavetable synth to achieve the bass and sub-bass, which is done separate. I’ve then used Native Instruments’ evolving brass sample which sounds very lovely and gives automatic movement to the track. The actual sentiment to track comes from a vocal one-shot sample which provides the focal point with the idea for main vocal track being borne from that. The synth riff that rotates throughout the track and is heavily processed and layered but also comes from a Native Instruments sample.  

What techniques or approaches did you use to achieve the dynamic and pulsating vibe that is prominent in ‘No Time To Forget’? 

Side-chain compression! Tuning the kick and then shortening the sustain. Then having the tick sidechain into my main synth, synth riff and bass so it ducks on the beat. This track is a real example of using that heavily to get the pulse! I wouldn’t do it on every track, or as heavy as this necessarily, but it really works here.  

How did you approach the mixdown and mastering process for ‘No Time To Forget’? Were there any specific tools or plugins that played a significant role in achieving the desired sound? 

In terms of the mixdown, I tend to use bus channels to process groups such as the drums and synths. On these channels I can EQ to shape the group as well as glue compress. I might use Oxford Inflator to boost the sound. Mastering usually involves a little use of EQ, saturation and limiting to get the correct loudness and to be DJ ready.  

Looking back at the production journey of ‘No Time To Forget,’ what aspect or moment stands out as particularly memorable or significant to you? 

All tracks are time intensive and face roadblocks, as well as moments of inspiration and break through. For this one, while it wasn’t overly complex to produce it really was the moment the vocal line slotted in that I thought it was going to come to together and be a potential release. 

How would you like listeners to feel when they hear the track? 

It’s quite a short track filled with energy and bounce so can be played pretty loud. It’s a good escapist track… escaping from the mundanity of a Tuesday morning, or could be part of a getting ready for night out playlist. 

We thank Clan Brude for his time and insights shared during this in-depth conversation. Getting a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of ‘No Time To Forget’ has unveiled some of the details that make his music so engaging. Clan Brude’s ability to blend genres, experiment with sonic elements, and infuse his distinctive style, shows his dedication as a music Producer. As we look forward to the future projects he has in store, it’s clear that his journey in the world of Electronic Dance music is one that both fans and newcomers alike should closely follow. 

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