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Behind the Beats: Avi Sic Dives into the Production of ‘Everybody Knows (I Got The Flow)’

Meet Avi Sic, the powerful force in the Electronic Dance music scene. With a string of electrifying live performances and

Behind the Beats: Avi Sic Dives into the Production of ‘Everybody Knows (I Got The Flow)’

Meet Avi Sic, the powerful force in the Electronic Dance music scene. With a string of electrifying live performances and a list of hard-hitting releases, Avi Sic is an artist on the rise. Fresh off the buzz of her latest track ‘Everybody Knows (I Got The Flow)’, we sat down with Avi to dive into the creative process behind this high-energy production. From crafting infectious beats to designing the powerful basslines, Avi gives us an inside look into the production process. Join us as we explore the details of her signature sound and the art of keeping the dancefloor engaged. 

Hi Avi Sic! How are you today? 

I’m great. Had a crazy weekend. Lollapalooza was in town. Last night I played with Matroda for the official Sunday afterparty.   

Congrats on the release of ‘Everybody Knows (I Got The Flow)’! Can you take us through the creative process behind it? How did the idea for the track come about and what were the key elements you wanted to incorporate? 

I set out to make a Bass House track but also fusing G-House. I made the drops different to achieve that and keep the momentum strong.  

What Is your approach to crafting the shuffled beat that drives the track? How did you ensure that it would be infectious and captivating for listeners? 

Lot’s of layering and automation of drums. Keeping the listener engaged with subtle nuances was the goal. 

The vocal samples in the track bring an energetic and lively element. How did you go about selecting and incorporating the vocal samples? What was your vision for the overall vocal presence in the track? 

I came across the main sample and it fit the dark vibe of the track, so I built on it. Originally, I was going to use the female vocal sample as the lead (which is now the background vocal). I’m glad I made that decision because that other sample has been used in a handful of recent releases, including one of my favs – Biscits built his ‘Feed Your Soul’ track around that.  

How did you approach building the tension and excitement leading up to the drop? What were your considerations in terms of creating an impactful and memorable drop? 

The first drop had to be impactful enough to keep the listener listening and the second drop is where all the goodies are. That was my strategy.  

The bassline in this track adds a powerful edge to it. Can you share some insights into how you designed and crafted the bassline? What techniques or tools did you use to achieve the desired sound? 

Thanks, yeah it goes hard. I use Serum for my basslines. Lot’s of subtle FX and automation to keep it bumping.  

Throughout the track, there are various sonic elements that contribute to its overall energy and excitement. Can you discuss some of the specific sonic choices you made and how they contribute to the overall vibe and atmosphere? 

I had Tchami’s Confession label and Bijou’s DND Records in mind when creating this. Though it started taking a more Bass House Turn vs Tech House. ran with that, it worked best.  

‘Everybody Knows (I Got The Flow)’ seems to capture the essence of your unique style and energy as a DJ and Producer. How important was it for you to showcase your signature sound in this track, and how do you feel it represents your artistic vision? 

It’s huge, I always want to shine with my strengths instead of making something generic just because. There are lots of sides to my artistry and this is an example of my harder, darker side. 

As a highly energetic production, this song is certainly tailor-made for the dancefloor, how do you approach creating music that connects with the audience and keeps them engaged and moving? 

I’m lucky because I get to try out my songs live at shows during the creating process. I see what works with the crowd and make changes based on that until it’s fire all the way through.  

Looking ahead, how do you see ‘Everybody Knows (I Got The Flow)’ fitting into your future live shows and performances? What kind of impact do you hope it will have on your sets and the energy you bring to the stage? 

I play it all the time! It’s a great high energy banger that shakes the floor for sure. 

As we wrap up this insightful behind the scenes journey into Avi Sic’s creative process, we’re left knowing one thing is certain – her passion for pushing boundaries and delivering electrifying beats is boundless. ‘Everybody Knows (I Got The Flow)’ is just a taste of the dynamic energy she brings to both her tracks and live performances. Stay tuned for more of Avi’s sonic explorations and high-octane music that’s bound to keep dancefloors grooving worldwide. 

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