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Task Horizon Unleash Second Instalment From Their “Respawned” LP on Evolution Chamber 

The next slice of Task Horizon's forthcoming LP on Evolution Chamber features a blistering VIP alongside a mind-bending remix

Task Horizon Unleash Second Instalment From Their “Respawned” LP on Evolution Chamber 

“Respawned” represents Task Horizon’s careful selection of a diverse group of outstanding artists from the Drum & Bass spectrum to reinterpret their discography. This project melds Task Horizon’s original creations with the distinctive artistic expressions of each chosen artist, breathing new life into every track and offering fresh perspectives. You can download/stream it from 27th October here:

Among Task Horizon’s standout tracks, “Inner Worlds” and “Flame Fetish” have undergone remarkable transformations. Joe Ford has taken on the remix duties for ‘Inner Worlds,’ delivering a melodious sonic journey that pays tribute to Task Horizon’s original brilliance while infusing it with his unmistakable flawless sound design and energy. Meanwhile, Task Horizon’s VIP remix of “Flame Fetish” propels listeners into a dynamic realm, which weaves in and out while maintaining the core essence of Task Horizon’s original masterpiece, brought up to contemporary production standards. Prepare yourself for what’s next in the “Respawned” series, as there are more exciting developments on the horizon.

Task Horizon – Respawned: Inner Worlds (Joe Ford Remix) / Flame Fetish VIP is available from 27th October 2023 via Evolution Chamber.




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