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Shermanology follow up Roots EP pt 1 with hugely anticipated pt 2

Purchase / Stream Here Shermanology have brought the sound of Curaçao back to the dancefloor, and pay homage to

Shermanology follow up Roots EP pt 1 with hugely anticipated pt 2

Purchase / Stream Here

Shermanology have brought the sound of Curaçao back to the dancefloor, and pay homage to their Caribbean roots in their Roots EP pt 2, a final chapter to be released 22nd September via their own label, D’EAUPE

The second instalment of a two-part release, Roots EP pt 2 continues to showcase Shermanology’s unique sound and diverse range that crosses their own Caribbean heritage and explores dance music on a more global scale, from Amsterdam to South Africa. Featuring another two captivating tracks, ‘Jabula’ and ‘Tok’, Roots EP pt 2 is a continued testament to the group’s dedication to pushing musical boundaries and connecting with their roots.

Curaçao by way of Zimbabwe ‘Jabula’ is an enthralling collaboration between Shermanology and two up and coming Zimbabwean artists – Verseless and King Her. Shermanology met Verseless whilst on holiday in South Africa when Verseless as a fan of the duo requested a picture – which turned into a long standing sonic relationship culminating in ‘Jabula’.

‘Jabula’ is followed by the massive dance floor filler ‘Touch’, a collaboration with legendary dancehall group TOK and the inimitable DJ Buddha. Shermanology wanted to mix a combination of dancehall vibes and house energy – with the result being ‘Touch’.

We decided to make an EP dedicated to our Latin & African roots”, says Andy, one half of Shermanology. Being raised in the Caribbean we felt that we needed to combine the house sound with Latin & African sounds.” 


An invigorating fusion of Caribbean-Dutch heritage and old-school house, Shermanology, the brainchild of brother and sister Andy and Dorothy Sherman, presents an infectious world of 90’s nostalgia and funk reinvention. 

The duo have garnered global support, surpassing 100 million Spotify streams and a festival-packed schedule including performances at Kappa Futur Festival, the Martinez Brothers-curated Cuttin Headz, Miami’s LaLaLand Festival, UK dance festival Beat-Herder, and Rio’s The Town with a massive audience capacity of 100,000. 

Infused with soul and harnessing their global heritage, Shermanology injects a vibrant energy into electronic music that has been notably absent, both on the dancefloors and through the airwaves.

Their collaboration with FISHER on “It’s A Killa” sent shockwaves through the industry, accumulating a staggering 35 million streams on Fisher’s Catch & Release label. Their independent release “Boyz N Da Club” was dubbed ‘Hottest Record in the World’ by Annie Mac on BBC Radio One.

Following an electrifying year touring North America and gracing the stages of legendary Elrow events in Ibiza and New York, as well as sharing the spotlight with Jamie Jones and MK in London, Shermanology stands poised to become a global sensation. More recently, Shermanology made their much-anticipated Defected debut with their feel-good house track ‘Sometimes’ which breached 3 million streams in little time and continues to make its way through A-List radio, as well as released part 1 of their greatly anticipated EP The Roots

Throughout the remainder of 2023 and 2024, Shermanology will be hosting events by acclaimed brands like Dirtybird, Elrow, Paradise, and XXXperience.The duo are also slated to release forthcoming tracks with their own label D’eaupe as well as esteemed labels Demand, Cuttin Headz and Hot Creations.

A family affair with cross-cultural flair, this is sure to be Shermanology’s biggest year yet. 

Roots EP is an immersive musical journey from the Shermanology family – and another dose of creative brilliance from the D’EAUPE label.

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