Rave Arts Interview: Swedish Production Duo ManyFew

Hailing from Stockholm, Jacob and Victor Andersson have carved a distinctive niche in the electronic dance music scene with

Rave Arts Interview: Swedish Production Duo ManyFew

Hailing from Stockholm, Jacob and Victor Andersson have carved a distinctive niche in the electronic dance music scene with their infectious energy and genre-blurring sound as ManyFew. Renowned for their ability to seamlessly blend house, pop, and disco influences, ManyFew has captivated global audiences with their exhilarating beats and infectious melodies. Catching up with the brothers, we delve into their creative process, influences, and the journey that brought them to the forefront of the music industry.

Hey ManyFew! Welcome to Rave Arts! Where are we speaking to you from today?
Hey! We’re right now in New York City, writing new tunes. We love the vibes from these metropolis cities and we got so much inspiration from here.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into the music industry?
We started as DJs playing in local clubs in Sweden, and we got inspiration from our uncle who is a club DJ as well, and it was the curiosity that led us into music production. Literally it has been a process of trial and error, we just follow our intuitions and create something we like and if it does not sound as we expect it to be, we always go back and tweak until we feel it’s right for us.

Congratulations on your recent release ‘Back To Back’ with legendary guitarist Janne Schaffer! Can you tell us how this one came about?
Thank you!
We have always been huge fans of Janne Schaffer and his magnificent performances and guitar skills. Growing up in Sweden and listening to Janne’s guitar sounds from a very early age, everything from his own records to his contributions on 48 ABBA records (including Ring, Ring, Waterloo, Mamma Mia, Bang-A-Boomerang, Voulez Vous to name a few) has been a huge inspiration for us. His sound and name is synonymous with quality and for us it’s an absolute pleasure to be working with such a legend! We’ve been thinking of asking Janne about it for a while, but then after one of our gigs in London we sent him a late night message asking if he’d be down for a collaboration. When we woke up the day after he had replied to that message saying: “Sounds cool guys. Let’s arrange a call :-)”. We did the call with Mr. Schaffer and we later on arranged a session in the studio in Stockholm. We had this great connection in the studio instantly and created ‘Back To Back’. We had so much fun writing this song and we hope to spread positive vibes around the world. Janne is a wonderful person and we’ve already got some more tracks in the making 🌎

You also released a Steamed & Twisted edit, which is very funky! What did you want to achieve with this edit?
We wanted to make a more clubby version of BACK TO BACK to play out in the clubs later on in the nights. A version that sounds totally different but with Janne’s guitar solo at the front.  We got some really cool support from both versions and it’s right now climbing the Upfront Club Chart’ in the UK., currently at position 21.

You launched your own label ManyFew Records not too long ago. Can you speak about your plans for the imprint and what inspired you to create your own musical home?
Focus for us is to release tunes that we love and songs that we love to play out in our DJ sets. For us our label is all about creating music based on intuition and not thinking too much, just make music we love and songs that make us happy! ManyFew is all about spreading happiness and good vibes and that mantra and energy is something we’re trying to add to our label as well! Our label is not locked in to any specific genre, obviously house will be some kind of focus but it’s only cool if there’s influences from other genres as well. Sooner or later we’ll definitely sign new talents to ManyFew Records and we will look for artists that are very creative and can bring something new and extra to the scene.

What are the big differences releasing on big labels compared to self-releasing your tunes on ManyFew Records?
We think the biggest differences are that we get more control and freedom when releasing on our own label. We’ve got a great team working with ManyFew Records which makes the process even more fun. Right now we’re planning some really cool releases so it’s very exciting times ahead.

Are there any labels you are still dreaming of releasing on?
There’s many great labels out there. It’s hard to pick a specific one we would love to release on but obviously the major labels would be cool to release on soon.

How do you stay motivated making new music?
It’s a lifestyle for us. We think about music every single day. We get inspiration from lots of different things like visiting new places and meeting new people. New inspiration gives us motivation to create new tunes on a daily basis but obviously we take some time off in between as well to keep ourselves motivated.

Do you have any upcoming projects or tours you’re able to speak about?
We got some very exciting stuff coming up! Two new releases on our own label is in the pipeline. We’ve played those tracks out in the clubs and in our radio show ‘Electronic Heaven’ and the support so far has been amazing 🙂 So we’re very excited to release them very soon.

Any final words for our readers here at Rave Arts?
Huge thank you for all the support we’re receiving from you guys! It means the world to us! We hope to see you somewhere around the globe soon 🙂

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