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LE YORA release hotly anticipated debut album

Labyrinth LE YORA album PR Fresh off a string of acclaimed singles, electronic quartet LE YORA unveil their highly

LE YORA release hotly anticipated debut album


LE YORA album PR

Fresh off a string of acclaimed singles, electronic quartet LE YORA unveil their highly anticipated debut album Labyrinth on 28th April via the group’s own label and events brand Ascension. Heralding the record is the same-day release of focus track ‘Lucid’, a synth-driven album centrepiece that encapsulates Labyrinth’s unique power.

LE YORA is a new union between four of Berlin’s most exciting new DJs and producers. SOMMA, Jewels, yuma. and MAGNUS who as solo artists have made an unprecedented impact of achieving over 10 million monthly streams combined with little / no live profile. Having released a trio of head-turning album singles, ‘Ascension’, ‘More Than I Should Know’ and ‘Solaris’, which have already garnered over one million streams to date and

added to over 2000 fan playlists, LE YORA finally release their long-awaited full-length debut Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is a 10-track journey through LE YORA’s signature blend of afro house, melodic techno, and ethereal indie-inspired vocals rooted in the quartet’s background in songwriting. Album opener and title track ‘Labyrinth’ sets the scene with melodic piano and elegant tones from lead vocalist MAGNUS, before ‘Meet You There’ and ‘Time’ expand the group’s horizons with heavy tribal rhythms and deep synths. Throughout the record, the group’s boundary-pushing music is accompanied by MAGNUS’ soul-searching lyrics exploring themes of spiritual awakening. Anthemic lead single ‘Ascension’ builds to an explosive synth breakdown as lead vocalist MAGNUS asks “is there something more?”, and its follow-up single ‘More Than I Should Know’ ups the ante with a mind-expanding chorus filled with bright arpeggios. On the home stretch, highlights include third single ‘Solaris’ and focus track ‘Lucid’, which build to hair-raising crescendos, before ‘Tears’ closes out the album on a serene laid-back groove.

LE YORA is a Berlin-based quartet composed of four rising DJs and producers, SOMMA, Jewels, yuma. and MAGNUS. Over the past two years as solo artists the four members have each built a loyal fanbase thanks to a string of releases via Selected. Starting in the fall of 2021 the four came together and, over the course of six months, wrote, recorded, and produced their debut album Labyrinth across various locations including Berlin, New York, and Glasgow.

LE YORA’s background is steeped in DIY culture. As solo artists, SOMMA, Jewels, yuma. and MAGNUS have all taken ownership over each aspect of their artistic vision, from songwriting and producing to mixing and visual art. While they grew up listening to club music, each of the four started their musical journey writing songs before entering the world of DJing. Now, going back to what they love most, LE YORA are hellbent on combining all their influences and skills to create a new wave of techno invention.

Labyrinth is an accomplished opening statement from LE YORA, fleshing out the Berlin quartet’s unique melodic house sound in style. This is a debut album not to be missed.

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