“It’s important how you feel about yourself because this business requires thick skin” ADRIANNA interview

ADRIANNA, an influential figure in the tech-house and techno scenes, is known for her energetic performances and dynamic production

“It’s important how you feel about yourself because this business requires thick skin” ADRIANNA interview

ADRIANNA, an influential figure in the tech-house and techno scenes, is known for her energetic performances and dynamic production style. Her music seamlessly blends hard-hitting beats with powerful vocals, creating an immersive, impactful sound that has captivated audiences worldwide. Based in the UK, ADRIANNA has made waves with her innovative approach to electronic music, consistently pushing boundaries and attracting an ever-growing army of fans as a result.

ADRIANNA’s latest single, “Wild Electric,” showcases her signature style with pulsating rhythms and energetic melodies. Released in early 2024, the track has quickly gained traction, charting on the Beatport Hype Charts and receiving widespread support from fans and fellow DJs alike. “Wild Electric” embodies the vibrant and electrifying energy that ADRIANNA is known for. Following the release of the original, Wild Electric has been remixed by acid house pioneers 808 State, with more remixes to follow later in 2024.

Your latest single, “Wild Electric,” has been a club hit. Can you share the creative process behind this track and what inspired its sound?

I wanted to create a hard-hitting, uplifting track that gets the dance floor moving. Positive lyrics contrasted with an impactful sound.

You’ve been described as a “force to be reckoned with” in the electronic music scene. How do you stay motivated and continue to push boundaries in your music?

Finding balance is important to me. There are many tasks to complete daily, and I also need to preserve my energy and stay healthy. I want to be doing this for decades, so staying consistent while pacing myself is key.

“Wild Electric” has been remixed by 808 State, and more remixes are expected. How do you feel about other artists reinterpreting your work, and what do you look for in a remix?

I absolutely love it. It’s exciting to hear the track completely transformed. It’s new life breathed into it with sounds that take it in a different direction. I’m grateful for the remixes and can’t wait to share them all!

Your upcoming live performances include major festivals like Creamfields and Blue Marlin Ibiza. What can fans expect from your sets at these high-profile events?

I’m looking forward to playing at Creamfields. It will be my first time at that festival, and it has an incredible line-up. I’ll be playing heavy for sure! Blue Marlin is an awesome venue with an incredible sound system. I’ll be playing tech with percussion and vocals. Chunky beats.

You’re set to tour South America and Europe this summer. How do you prepare for such an extensive tour, and what are you most looking forward to about performing in these regions?

I’m excited to see the people, play in new places, bring sounds they may not typically hear, and be inspired by what I get to hear over there.

Hosting a monthly radio show allows you to share your musical vision with a global audience. How do you curate your playlists, and what do you hope listeners take away from each episode?

On my monthly radio show, I stay fresh with brand-new music, usually my favorites from the previous month. It’s great to experiment with different sounds and connect with a global audience, as well as new listeners, DJs, and producers.

You’ve achieved significant success in both your studio work and live performances. How do you balance these two aspects of your career, and which do you find more fulfilling?

I’m always coming up with new ideas and concepts and making note of them. Then I’ll have periods of time when I work in the studio, either creating new ideas or referencing noted concepts. For me, DJing and producing are two separate things. I’m not the DJ making bootlegs or new tracks on the way to the show, maybe someday.

Your journey from a local DJ to a global techno phenomenon has been impressive. What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers looking to make their mark in the industry?

If it’s what you really want to do, just keep going every day. Put the hours in, network, improve your product. Be prepared to miss holidays, and time with friends and family, and sacrifice a lot. Try to believe in yourself when others don’t and be humble when they do. It’s important how you feel about yourself because this business requires thick skin, and that can be a challenge when you’re constantly putting yourself out there.

With your dynamic production style blending hard-hitting beats and powerful vocals, how do you approach collaboration with vocalists and other producers?

Every track is different. I love to work together in the studio; it’s always special. These days, using vocals recorded in home studios or sending tracks remotely to collaborate is normal. Both have benefits. Whether it’s done in person or sent around, and different artists add their magic to it, in the end, it’s about how it sounds, not how it got there.

Looking ahead, what are your goals for 2024 and beyond? Are there any new projects or directions you’re excited to explore in your music career?

I have a couple more remixes and several more releases for 2024. I’m excited for my shows, and after the success of our events this year, we are hosting more parties with our brand TEMPLE. For the future, I want to incorporate some live elements into my sets. There is a lot to look forward to!

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