Interview: GRIFE on their latest single on Zatar Music

With a background that ranges between the complex lines of classical music, progressive rock and even the classics of

Interview: GRIFE on their latest single on Zatar Music

With a background that ranges between the complex lines of classical music, progressive rock and even the classics of the 70s-90s, Dan Grimm and Diego Feder aka GRIFE developed skills to express themselves through a language capable of making bodies dance intuitively. And then, GRIFE was born. The aesthetic sense based on experimentation, two “curious souls” and a keen ear, painted, right from the start, soundscapes that traveled the world.

Their next single Ones and Twos appears on Zatar Colors Vol.2 on Phonique’s Zatar Music, which continues the party from volume 1 – keeping the groove locked into the label’s distinct subtle yet effective vibe.

What initially inspired you to become music producers?

Initially, it was a mix of passion for music and the desire to shape our own narrative. We admire a lot of artists and felt compelled to create something meaningful ourselves. It’s about making good music and enjoying life’s journey while connecting with people who resonate with our work.

Can you share a memorable experience or project that had a significant impact on your career?

One of our career highlights unfolded in our hometown (Curitiba – PR), where we had the opportunity of warming up the decks for the legendary Lost Desert. The invite from Club Inbox showed up in perfect timing, as we had just dropped a fresh remix that we co-produced with Albuquerque for one of Lost Desert’s EPs—a track that was released on Warung Recordings. Naturally, we chose this particular track to finish our set. The whole venue was dancing to the emotional rhythms of organic and progressive house. Many of our friends were in the crowd, amplifying the energy. To top it off, we concluded the epic night with a B2B session with the man himself at the after-party!

Did you know Phonique already, or did you send a demo in to get on Zatar?

We first connected with Phonique on Instagram, where we were invited to work on a remix. Since then, we’ve kept in touch through messages but haven’t yet met in person. We’re looking forward to changing that soon. 😄

Was there any specific inspirations, or themes you wanted to explore with Ones and Zeroes?

With “Ones and Zeroes,” we aimed to explore the intersection of digital life and organic essence. It’s a melding of synthetic and natural elements, trying to find a harmonious existence between these parallel worlds.

Can you describe your collaborative process when it comes to composing and arranging your tracks?

Our collaborative process varies with each track, but in summary, we kick things off with a basic idea and then take turns adding our own flair—be it a beat or a melody. The challenging part is always evolving that initial idea into a complete track.

Collaboration often involves compromise and negotiation. How do you handle creative differences or disagreements when working on a project? Are there any strategies or practices you’ve developed to maintain a harmonious workflow?

When creative differences pop up, and they do, we’ve learned to take a step back and see the bigger picture. It’s not about ego; it’s about what serves us and the track best. We often start a discussion, each of us defending our vision, and through that, we usually arrive at something even better than the initial ideas.

Melodic house is known for its intricate melodies and atmospheric elements. How do you complement each other’s strengths and skills to craft these elements?

One of our goals with GRIFE is to encapsulate emotion through intricate melodies and atmospheric depth, all while keeping a strong beat and a driving bass line. Our process is guided by our shared love for music that resonates on an emotional level. We aim to create tracks that not only get people dancing but also strike a chord within their hearts.

In the studio, what’s your set-up? Any particular favorite bits of kit at the moment?

Our studio setup is rather compact; we don’t own any extravagant equipment. The most interesting piece of gear we have is an Ableton Push. Besides that, we use a MIDI keyboard for crafting chords, melodies and automation mapping. Most of the work happens “in the box”, digitally.

What’s next for GRIFE?

We’re thrilled about our upcoming releases with Zatar and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on. As for what’s next, expect more collaborations and a continued focus on delivering emotionally resonant music.

GRIFE is out now on Zatar Music – listen & buy

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