Interview: Exploring New Eden with Naz

Iranian/Australia artist Naz (Anjunabeats, Enhanced) is launching a new label concept, New Eden Records: a multimedia video, music, and

Interview: Exploring New Eden with Naz

Iranian/Australia artist Naz (Anjunabeats, Enhanced) is launching a new label concept, New Eden Records: a multimedia video, music, and live event experience that promises to transport people to a utopian fantasy realm.

A new kind of label, New Eden is an immersive multimedia experience that seamlessly weaves together fantasy mystical storytelling, music, and epic visuals to transport audiences, readers and listeners into a magical world of wonder and adventure.

It combines cutting-edge technology, interactive elements and – eventually – live performance – to create a multi-sensory unforgettable entertainment experience.

From enchanting melodies to stunning visuals, New Eden is a journey into a utopian society where anything is possible. Their futuristic designs and innovative approach to music make New Eden a unique and exciting experience, where you can escape into a world of pure fantasy.

The label launched this September with the release of Naz feat. Frynn – Into The Night. While this first release lives in the realm of progressive/melodic house, there’s not going to be a strict genre for future releases, focussing instead, in Naz’s own words, on “really good f*cking music, regardless of genre”.

With the first single out now, we caught up with Naz to dig into the concept of New Eden.

Hey Naz – congrats on the launch of the label. When did you first have the idea for New Eden?

Hey, thank you so much! The concept behind New Eden has been an idea I’ve had for quite some time now… it wasn’t until earlier this year though where I was like, ok, let’s just get it out there!

In your own words, what is New Eden, and who is the protagonist in the story?

New Eden is a concept where storytelling meets music meets animation. With every track/song release, we publish a chapter of the story and upload a fully animated music video that ties together the story and the track. Our protagonist is Aurora, she touched something in her grandma’s house and woke up in New Eden and is now about to embark on a crazy adventure 😀

Did you always want the design aesthetic to be on an equal par with the music?

Whilst the music always comes first, the design aesthetic and the story all play such an important part in tying everything together so it’s really important for all these aspects to be strong and engaging. My question in design iteration meetings is always ‘does this make you feel like you have been transported to another world? does this make spark your imagination?’

Who are the other creatives involved with the label?

So I have an amazingly talented VFX designer, Jimmy who translates what I envision and the story I create, into animation in Unreal Engine. He’s one of the most talented dudes I’ve ever met and is also an incredible music producer!

Why was visual storytelling such an important part of the process for you?

I’m personally a very big visual person. I have such a hyper active imagination and my brain is on-go like 24/7 and when reading a book, I create the worlds within that book in my mind and it’s almost like you visualise the book coming to life right? This is the feeling I wanted to capture.

How did you decide which single to launch the label with? And is this musical vibe we can expect for future releases?

I have a lot of unreleased music at the moment and whilst I am still working with other labels, I wanted the first launch release to be special. Into The Night was the obvious choice for me because Frynn (the Singer Songwriter featured on the record) just did such an incredible job on the vocals and lyrics. And the lyrics and the vibe of the track really inspired the story… everything just fell into place really really nicely. In terms of musical vibe for future releases, yes and no! I don’t want to focus on specific genres… I don’t want New Eden to be known as a ‘melodic house’ or ‘progressive’ label… it’s just about cool electronic music that quite literally tells a story.

Do you have other artists on board with the label you can tell us about?

I’ve received a lot of interest from producers which has been amazing and it’s so cool to see artists want to be a part of the vision. Nothing formal yet, I will be opening up for demo submissions just before end of the year and look at ramping this up for 2024.

Outside of the label, what else should we be keeping an eye out from you in the coming months?

More music, more shows, more bad dad jokes and raccoon pics on social media haha.

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