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Cyazon Shares a Behind the Scenes Look at His Latest Release ‘Before You Leave’

With a unique and innovative signature sound, the talented Producer Cyazon has captivated audiences across the globe, impressing listeners

Cyazon Shares a Behind the Scenes Look at His Latest Release ‘Before You Leave’

With a unique and innovative signature sound, the talented Producer Cyazon has captivated audiences across the globe, impressing listeners with his blend of elements from the Dubstep, Electro House and Synthwave genres. As he injects his tracks with sonically surprising details, Cyazon has become known for his Futuristic and Cyberpunk sound, and with over 2 million streams on leading platforms and radio support from VIP names such as Don Diablo and Zomboy, there is no doubt that Cyazon is a talented addition to the Electronic Music scene.  

Fresh from the release of his latest Dubstep track ‘Before You Leave’, released in collaboration with Producer Au5 and vocalist Tyler Graves, Cyazon is here to share an insider’s look into the creative and technical process behind the production. 

Hello, Cyazon! Congratulations on the release of ‘Before You Leave’. How are you? 

Hello, doing good thank you!

Did you have any inspirations for this track?

Not really in particular, but I did want to make a Melodic Bass anthem kind of song.

Before you set out to produce the track, did you have a specific vision or goal in mind that you wanted to achieve?

I feel like the specific vision or goal came to me while creating the track in the early phases. I wanted it to be about the moment when you discover your love partner in life, and how there’s a connection that will never break. When I had a presentable demo, I thought Au5 would be great to bring on the track.

You are known for a Futuristic and Cyberpunk sound, what elements of the track do you feel best represent this signature sound and style?

I would say the melodic elements of the track such as the pads and the main lead synth or main melody best represent this signature sound and style. Some of the glitches and bass fill sounds that I contributed also represent my sound well.

You collaborated with Au5 and Tyler Graves on this track, can you tell us how this collaboration came about and what role each of you played in creating ‘Before You Leave’? 

I mainly created the intro, verses, and buildups: so, most of the melodic elements. I also created some of the bass and glitch sounds in the drop. Au5 created the main sounds such as the supersaw chords in the drops, and his bass sounds as well, like in the second drop. Tyler Graves contributed with the vocal and the lyrics along with her songwriter.

Did you encounter any challenges during the production of ‘Before You Leave’? How did you work to overcome them?

I think one of the main challenges was that it took us 2 years to finish the song. We were working on it sporadically. I think the best way we overcame this is when we worked on the song in person in 2022 and kept following up with each other throughout that year.

The track features the captivating vocals of Tyler Graves, can you tell us about the process of composing the vocal line and what production techniques and processes you used to make them shine out in the mix? 

Tyler gave us a first vocal demo. When we received it, we gave her notes on changes we wanted in the vocal, such as melody changes and the way she sang the vocal (more legato or longer). I cannot really say what techniques and processes we used for mixing the vocal as this was something I didn’t really contribute with this time. 

Did you experiment with any new techniques or processes with this track?

One technique I remember when first writing the track was stuttering the supersaw chords at certain parts throughout the drop. I remember I put it in audio and moved the clips apart from each other to create some silence gaps. I remember that was something new that I had never tried before.

Do you have a favourite element of the track? 

I would say the first chorus or drop is my favourite part of the track and also the last half of the second chorus is also my favorite too.

Can you talk us through the process of creating the futuristic and sci-fi-inspired elements within ‘Before You Leave’ that make the track’s sound so unique?

I can talk about some of the sounds. At 1:30, I used a reverse glitch/bass sound that I made from a 10-minute recording of me changing knobs and presets on one of the plugins from Glitchmachines on a static bass sound. I kept it looping throughout the whole time. At 1:32, 1:34, 1:43, and 1:45, the laser stabs are custom sounds I made in Serum. I mainly made those sounds by having a steep downward LFO curve and mapping it to the coarse pitch. It creates this sound that sweeps down in pitch really fast, which gives it a laser sound. The main synth lead sound is made in Diva with two saw waves with reverb – so it’s a simple sound. Those are some of the futuristic sounds that I recall. 

What can fans expect from you over the next few months?

An EP I’m working on finalizing with a label, I’m not sure when it will come out yet but I’m anticipating by the end of the year. Thank you for the interview!

As we close this interview, we thank Cyazon for his time and for taking us on a journey behind the technical and collaborative details of his new track, ‘Before You Leave’. With such a passion and drive for creating innovative and distinct soundscapes, Cyazon is poised to continue building momentum as he continues carving out his unique path within the Electronic Music scene; we eagerly await to hear more from this skilled Producer soon.

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