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Canguru Shares Insights Into His Musical Influences in Exclusive Interview

In this interview, we sit down with Canguru to learn more about his musical influences, uncovering the Artists, music, and

Canguru Shares Insights Into His Musical Influences in Exclusive Interview

In this interview, we sit down with Canguru to learn more about his musical influences, uncovering the Artists, music, and experiences that continue to inspire his creativity. From his initial introduction to music to the musical culture of Manchester, Canguru unveils the moments that impacted his musical journey, allowing us insight into how the work from Artists across genres continues to feed his artistry. So, join us, as we discover more about the creative forces behind the talented Canguru.  

Hi Canguru, how have you been?  

I’m good thanks. 

To start, could you shine a light on how music was introduced to you? Was there a particular musician or someone you admired that initially impacted your pursuit of music? 

I was introduced to music from a young age. My mother taught musicology and piano from home. She always encouraged me to learn to play a musical instrument. I first took guitar lessons in my early teens but didn’t follow it through at first. I guess my guitar teacher didn’t inspire me that much at the time to carry on. I then took some clarinet lessons that I followed up for the next 5 years. I had a really good teacher that inspired me a lot to play more. I guess he was the first to inspire me to play music. 

Following this, in my mid-teens, I met my best friend, Eric. Eric was already a young talented aspiring virtuoso guitarist that I admired a lot. He introduced me to thrash metal and got me hooked straight away on that type of music and we formed our first thrash metal band together. I sang he played guitar. From then onwards I was hooked on making music! 

With your passion and background in Classical music, do you feel this has helped you appreciate music in a different way, pushing you to experiment with sounds and shape your music today? 

Yes, for sure. I was brought up with Classical music and some Jazz being played around me from a very young age and my mother would often take me along to her choir practises and concerts, so I was really immersed in this world from a young age. In some way, all this type of music is part of my DNA. It has definitely influenced me in the way I produce music today. 

Did you have a favorite band that inspired your musical journey to becoming a Singer and Producer today? 

Well, one of my favourite bands throughout the years has been Pink Floyd. I loved the way their music moved and was different from many others. I guess they were the first band to introduce me to Electronic Music in some way. I’m a big fan of Gorillaz these days as well. I find Damon Albarn very inspiring as an Artist. He is constantly developing artistically with his various projects. His constant search for something new inspires me a lot. 

Can you share a pivotal moment or experience with a particular Artist or song that significantly impacted your approach to music? 

I think Damon Albarn and his virtual band Gorillaz, in particular, influences me a lot in my approach to music-making. I love the fact that Gorillaz is not limited to a particular genre of music but is a blend of many genres together. I am also influenced by The Chemical Brothers. The first time I heard them I was straight away attracted to their 

unique sound and energy. I always saw them more as a band than DJs and really love how they mash up many genres of music with an overarching dance music style. 

You have a love for including the themes of resilience and courage through your music. Do you take inspiration from films or anything outside of music to fuel those creative ideas? 

That’s true, it is something I express a lot in my lyrics. I think that I have gone through many hurdles in my life, and I think that now, more than ever, many of us live through pretty hard times. A big question mark often hangs above my head about the reason for being an Artist and what is my role and value on this planet. It seems harder than ever to find one’s place and to make a living from music these days. But I keep reminding myself that I have a chance to do what I love most, which is being creative and sharing my creations with the rest of the world. That fulfils me greatly. I’ve got to be honest; I have no idea what else I would do if I had to stop being an Artist. 

My inspiration also comes from other art forms for sure. Especially when it comes to lyrical content. I also create my own artwork and while I do that, I often subconsciously generate new musical ideas in my head. 

Was there something about the Manchester music scene, that helped broaden your horizons on appreciating music of various genres? 

Yes, for sure! When I arrived in Manchester, I didn’t know anything much about this city other than the football teams! It was such an awesome surprise to discover the “Madchester” music scene and the many awesome bands that came from there, such as The Happy Mondays, Joy Division, New Order, The Chemical Brothers and many others. Manchester was the city where I took my first ecstasy pill and got to experience The Açienda before it closed down. It was the place to be in the UK for music! 

What are your top 3 favorite tracks that still ignite and inspire your creative juices now? 

Only 3 songs! Oh wow, that’s a tough one! I listen to so much music but well, ok, off the top of my head I would say right now: “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd, “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie and “Unfinished Sympathy” by Massive Attack. 

Was there a particular concert or show that always stuck out in your mind as incredibly inspirational to you? 

A while back, in my Metal years, I discovered Rage Against The Machine live in a small 1000-capacity venue back in Belgium. They were supporting one of my favourite thrash Metal bands at the time: Suicidal Tendencies. RATM were incredible, they blew everybody’s minds away and stole the show big time with their raw electrifying energy that night! This was their first-ever European tour performing their first album. I will remember this show forever! It was pure energy! 

How do you balance staying true to your own musical identity while also exploring new sounds and genres? 

Well, I’ve always wanted to sound different in some ways. I guess, I like so many different types of music that I don’t really want to stick to one genre of music and prefer blending my inspirations together to try and create something somewhat different from the “norm” kinda. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be different and forge my own identity and I still do today. I’m always eager to discover new music no matter what particular genre it is. If it sounds good to my ears, then bring it on! We live in a “global village” when it comes to multiculturalism these days, so I think it would be a shame for me to limit myself to just one genre of music. 

With such a wide-ranging appreciation for music, it is no surprise that Canguru has landed on the Electronic Music scene with such a distinct and unique sound, incorporating his varied influences in each of his productions. So, as we wrap up our interview with Canguru, we thank him for his time and look forward to continuing following him along on his musical journey; a talent committed to paving his own way within the genre, be sure to keep watching Canguru by following him across social media.  

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