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Audio & Burr Oak Unveil Huge Remixes for Task Horizon on Evolution Chamber

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Audio & Burr Oak Unveil Huge Remixes for Task Horizon on Evolution Chamber

Task Horizon, a Swiss trio formed in 2004, have significantly impacted the Drum & Bass scene. They have released music on renowned labels like RAM Records, Blackout, Eatbrain, DCI4, and C4C. With their innovative sound and relentless pursuit of excellence, they have gained a dedicated global following and established themselves as pioneers in the industry.

Task Horizon, Magnetude and Receptor founded Evolution Chamber, a platform for their cutting-edge compositions and a space to create music without constraints. Their latest project, “Respawned,” brings together a diverse group of artists from the Drum & Bass spectrum to reimagine their discography. Each track on the album is given a fresh perspective and new life, resulting in an electrifying fusion of styles that pays homage to their roots while exploring new territories. You can buy/stream them here:

Two standout tracks from Task Horizon’s “Hack The Planet” EP, “Mekaneck” and “Disintegrate,” have been chosen for remixes. Audio’s remix of “Mekaneck” delivers a pulse-pounding sonic journey, infusing Task Horizon’s original brilliance with Audio’s dance-floor energy. Burr Oak’s remix of “Disintegrate” takes listeners on a mesmerising steppy adventure, seamlessly blending the essence of Task Horizon’s masterpiece with the French duo’s recognisable sound.

Task Horizon – Respawned: Mekaneck (Audio Remix) / Disintegrate (Burr Oak Remix) is available from 29th September 2023 via Evolution Chamber.





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