Angel Parilli Discusses Summer Plans and Musical Evolution in Exclusive Interview

Welcome to our interview with DJ and music Producer Angel Parilli, where we discuss his plans for the summer.

Angel Parilli Discusses Summer Plans and Musical Evolution in Exclusive Interview

Welcome to our interview with DJ and music Producer Angel Parilli, where we discuss his plans for the summer. Currently immersed in mixing his latest track ‘TAKE ME BACK,’ Angel shares insights into his summer plans focused on refining his sound and exploring new musical territories.  
Join us as we dive into his creative process, upcoming releases, and aspirations for the season ahead. 

Hi Angel Parilli! How are you?  
Doing well, actually mixing a new track currently, called ‘TAKE ME BACK’ 
To start, tell us, what do you have planned for the summer? 
Currently, mostly music production, tons of new songs. Video editing a new set from a boat event. I haven’t really focused on performing as much, I’ve been crafting and fully solidifying my sound. 

Do you have any upcoming releases that fans can look forward to? 
Yes, I have plenty but I think the first 2 upcoming releases are my tracks called “Take Me Back” & “Clown Town”. Both recorded using MIDI Guitars. 

Are there any creative milestones that you are hoping to achieve this  
I feel like I have unconsciously planned for my summer to solidify my sound, whether I’m producing Tech House or Deep Tech or Big Room. 

Are you attending any festivals or live shows this summer? 
Not really attending to festivals this summer. I know, I might sound boring right now but I’m really trying to work on my sound. I’ve been also working on adding midi instruments to my sets, practicing, etc. Besides that, I am cooking some gigs in Brazil. I’ve never performed there, let’s see how it goes. I’msure it will be great. 

Aside from music, what do you enjoy doing in the summer months? How do you plan to relax? 
I love sleeping a lot lol. 
Making reggae. Working out outdoors. Hiking. Surf. And sleeping again, haha 

Are you gearing up to take to any stages?  
I pretty much gear up with 3 USB, MIDI & Electric Guitar, and my clown mask 

Do you find that the summer months lead to a different energy within your productions and performances at all?  
Oh yeah haha. The tracks I produce during summer time are more on the House Music side, compared to winter tracks which a bit more on the Techno side. It’s amazing how weather affects everything haha. 

Having recently collaborated with Bobby John for your track ‘Lost’, are there  any artists/producers that you are looking forward to collaborating with next? 
I’m planning to collaborate with more singers and producers, but I don’t really have a reachable top 5 artists. I’m working on building a very impressive tracks portfolio before I go out there and reach out.  

What are you most looking forward to as we look ahead to your summer and the rest of the year?  
I was really looking forward to see many DJs out there playing my songs on their sets, and seems that’s actually happening. I can see the stats on my Shazam account. My prior release ‘Interstellar’ was shazamed like crazy in Australia, where I believe it’s not in summer time. 
And for the rest of the year I really want to increase my bookings, tour here and there. 

As we conclude our insightful conversation with Angel Parilli we thank him for his time, as it’s clear that he’s poised for an exciting summer filled with new music and creative exploration. With his dedication to refining his sound and venturing into new musical dimensions, fans and followers can anticipate captivating releases in the months ahead.  
Stay tuned for more from Angel Parilli as he continues to deliver unmissable music and evolve within the Electronic music scene. 

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