Andrew Canlon Talks Summer Plans and Projects in Exclusive Interview

In this exclusive interview, we take a look at the plans and projects that the talented DJ and Producer

Andrew Canlon Talks Summer Plans and Projects in Exclusive Interview

In this exclusive interview, we take a look at the plans and projects that the talented DJ and Producer Andrew Canlon has in store for the summer of 2024. With a rich background in Classical Music, Andrew brings a unique perspective to his Electronic Music productions, seamlessly blending traditional techniques with modern sounds. As he gears up for a season filled with new releases and live performances, Andrew shares his insights on his creative process, upcoming events, and what fans can look forward to in the coming months. 

Hi Andrew Canlon, how are you? 

Doing well, thank you. 

Can you tell us about your summer plans

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer! I’ve got a few new singles in the works that will drop this summer, and I’m spending a lot of time in the studio developing new music. 
Are you gearing up to deliver any live sets over the summer? 

Yes, I’m gearing up for a live set at Brooklyn Music Kitchen in Bed-Stuy on Saturday, June 29th. 
Do you have any releases coming up? 

Yes, I do. My latest single ‘Gemini Man’ will be out this summer, and I can’t wait for people to hear it. The song is done, and the album cover is in the works right now. Stay tuned! 
Where would be your dream venue to perform during the summer? 

Forest Hills Stadium and Brooklyn Mirage are both at the top of my list, but I still have many venues to knock off my list before I can get there. I set real tangible goals for myself when it comes to where I play. In the last year or two, Rockwood Music Hall, The Delancey, and Bowery Electric were all on my target list, and I’ve now performed at all three venues. 

Outside of music, how do you like to relax during the summer? 

Outside of music, I love to travel. I love getting out to LA whenever possible, which feels like a home away from home these days. 

What creative milestones do you hope to achieve this summer? 

Honestly, I’m just looking for work. I know that sounds simple, but I’m hoping to make a living just like everyone else. Music happens to be the trade that I learned when I was young. It’s what I’ve studied and honed my entire life, so as for achievements, I just hope to get a solid tour going and keep the output and quality as high as I can. 

Are you planning on attending any festivals or live shows as an audience member? 

I recently went to a Club Rudy’s rooftop show at Spring Place here in NYC, and that was amazing. I’m also going to see Goldfish live in The Hamptons in a few weeks. Super excited for that! 

With the summer bringing a refreshing energy and uplifting vibe, how would you say the change in season impacts your creativity? Do you find yourself exploring and experimenting with your sound at all? 

I’m very heavily influenced by the sun. I try to get out and soak up as much summer weather as I can because, yes, it definitely helps you make really fun, uplifting music. I put a song out a few months ago called ‘Sunshine Over Sad Times,’ which really encapsulates that uplifting vibe you’re talking about. That song is 100% designed to brighten your day. 

To conclude, what are you most excited about this summer? 

Musically speaking, I’m most excited to release ‘Gemini Man.’ I think it’s a song that many people will identify with, and I’m eager to hear what the reaction will be. Other than that, I’m always going to get out there and enjoy the sunshine just like everybody else. 

We conclude our interview with Andrew Canlon by thanking him for his time and allowing us a glimpse into his creative intentions for the summer of 2024. With an exciting path still ahead, we’re looking forward to following Andrew as he continues to captivate audiences with his music and live performances. Be sure to stay tuned by following Andrew Canlon across social media, as he remains a unique talent to watch in the Electronic Music scene. 

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