An Interview with Fleanger

Fleanger was born in Israel and is currently living in Berlin. He is the youngest artist in Israel to

An Interview with Fleanger

Fleanger was born in Israel and is currently living in Berlin. He is the youngest artist in Israel to have found his musical fingerprint. Fleanger’s stage name stems from a music production effect he favors called “Flanger,” which adds depth to certain sounds. He added an extra letter E for the electronic music he produces. Today, Fleanger constantly works on his music and performs at selected venues around the world. He is known as the youngest artist in Israel to have found his own unique sound.

What initially inspired you to become a music producer?

– As a child, I always felt a love for music. In my parents’ house, there was always music in the background. However, the events that I remember the most are the trips on Friday afternoons with my father, with music from the eighties playing in the background. While growing up, I had trouble connecting with others my age, so I started using art as a way to express myself and escape my troubles. I began with drawing and graffiti, and then I discovered the piano, which eventually led me to writing music. Eventually, I wanted to combine all of my creativity, so I became a producer.

With which labels and artists have you worked on?

– I’ve been fortunate to have a diverse and exciting career within the music industry, particularly in the electronic music scene. I’ve had the privilege of working with several prominent labels, including “Joy” in Israel, and having my music released on respected platforms like “Cafe de Anatolia” and “Enormous Tunes,” among others. This has allowed me to explore a wide range of musical styles and connect with audiences on various levels.

– I’ve had the honor of contributing as both an artist and collaborator, which has enabled me to immerse myself in different creative processes. From my time at “Joy” to my involvement with labels known for their distinct musical niches, I’ve always sought to adapt and innovate within each setting. It’s been a rewarding journey, marked by growth and learning.

– Lately, I have been diving into some exciting ventures. I have been working on official remixes for established names in the electronic music scene, which has been an incredible experience. Remixing allows me to put my own creative twist on well-known tracks while paying homage to the original artistry. Additionally, I have been collaborating with artists from the organic house field, a genre to which I have been increasingly drawn for its unique blend of electronic and natural elements.

– These projects promise to bring something fresh to the table. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunities for artistic expression and exploration that they provide. My goal is always to push boundaries and offer listeners a captivating sonic experience that resonates with them.

Any new releases?

– I am pleased to announce that I have a series of noteworthy forthcoming releases in the pipeline. Specifically, I have planned a total of five music releases scheduled for the upcoming year, all of which are set to be launched under the esteemed Enormous Tunes label.

– Additionally, I am delighted to share my enthusiasm about being involved in the Joy Record Label’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) sampler.

– Notably, this sampler will feature the inaugural track from my progressive music project, collaboratively produced with Asi Kojak. This particular endeavor has engendered a great deal of anticipation and excitement, and I look forward to the reception it shall receive.

In the studio, what’s your set-up?

– I would like to say that I have a profound affinity for synthesizers, which has consequently led to the inclusion of a diverse array of these instruments within my studio setup. The allure of these synthesizers is such that I find myself irresistibly drawn to utilizing them. In addition to these synthesizers, I have recently acquired a tool of notable interest called the “Touché SE.” This instrument serves the purpose of amalgamating the automation functionalities of several distinct effects into a singular entity. This acquisition has proven to be of great significance, as it has become an indispensable component of my creative process as of late. The capabilities endowed by the Touché SE have greatly enriched my studio endeavors, making me reliant on its capabilities for the production of my musical works.

Which DAW do you use to produce music?

– Predominantly, my choice of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) rests with Cubase, as it provides a conducive environment for my creative pursuits. However, I deem it pertinent to mention that over the course of previous years, I have also engaged in music creation through the utilization of FL Studio and Logic Pro. Each of these DAWs has afforded me a distinct vantage point in terms of creative expression and production techniques. My past utilization of FL Studio and Logic Pro has contributed to a well-rounded understanding of various digital music production platforms, which subsequently enriches my proficiency in Cubase. This versatile background has facilitated an adaptable and comprehensive approach to my musical endeavors across these platforms.

Can you share a memorable experience or project that had a significant impact on your career?

– The inaugural party, at which I performed as a DJ, holds an indelible place in my memory. This event occurred when I was merely 16 years old and took place at the esteemed Under 52 club located in Tel Aviv. It is noteworthy to mention that, during this time, I was also serving as the manager of the record company named “Inhale Records.”

– The reminiscence of that particular evening remains vivid, as it was marked by a remarkable encounter. A member of the audience became profoundly moved by my set, to the extent that his emotions manifested through tears. This profound emotional reaction resonated with me deeply, and after my performance concluded, he approached and extended a heartfelt embrace. This poignant interaction served to underscore the impact that music can have on individuals, transcending the auditory realm to evoke intense emotions. The incident not only left an enduring impression but also reaffirmed my dedication to the craft of music, its capacity to evoke sentiments, and the power it wields to forge connections with others.

How has your musical taste evolved over the years?

– My musical preferences have always been aligned with bands like Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd. However, I am dedicated to expanding my musical repertoire by consistently introducing new compositions and genres that align with the stylistic direction I pursue in my performances. The deep admiration I have for esteemed acts like Depeche Mode and Pink Floyd remains a cornerstone of my musical identity, serving as a source of inspiration and reference. At the same time, my openness to contemporary musical offerings highlights my commitment to artistic growth and the dynamic nature of my artistic expression. This combination of classic and contemporary musical influences enriches my creative endeavors and infuses my performances with a diverse sonic tapestry.

What’s been your biggest challenge as a DJ and music producer?

– Undoubtedly, one of the most formidable challenges that an artist grapples with is the delicate equilibrium between an unwavering commitment to their artistic craft and the imperative to sustain a livelihood through their music. This challenge remains a prevailing concern that continues to resonate with me to this day.

– The inherent tension between the unyielding dedication to artistic integrity and the pragmatic necessity of securing financial sustenance presents an intricate conundrum. Striking a harmonious coexistence between these seemingly divergent objectives demands a multifaceted approach. It necessitates astute business acumen, strategic planning, and resourceful innovation. The capacity to navigate this intricate landscape is contingent upon adeptly navigating platforms, collaborations, and opportunities that can both honor the artistic vision and yield sustainable returns.

– Balancing the pure essence of one’s artistry with the pragmatic realities of economic viability is a journey fraught with challenges, and it requires perseverance, adaptability, and a keen sense of purpose. As an artist myself, I empathize deeply with this predicament, and I recognize that the pursuit of this equilibrium is a testament to an artist’s unwavering dedication, resilience, and pursuit of excellence in both the creative and financial spheres.

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